Thursday, March 05, 2009

Not so happy news

I did absolutely no stitching this past week...wasn't in any frame of mind to count accurately. I posted a quick review of the circumstances on my family blog Lil Salmon House . It was not a week I ever want to repeat.

I'm looking forward to Dad's funeral or Celebration of Life. Not ideal timing but a chance to reconnect with more of the family.

Joe's Mom turns 75 this September and we have just booked our airfare. Flying into Moncton shortly after our youngest DD arrives. We'll rent a car jointly for the weekend. Our eldest DD can't make plans at this time. She and her husband are moving to BC sometime this spring/summer, depending on them selling their AB home and finding suitable accommodations in the greater Vancouver area. Hopefully if the timing allows, we'll be able to help her get a last minute seat sale so she and family can attend this gathering.

I'm discussing making a memory quilt for Irene, just awaiting input from the other 2 quilters in the family on their thoughts.

I'll be starting another lap quilt next week for a dear friend who has a birthday this spring. Looking for the inspirational print fabric that will dictate the other colours. I'm torn between a more complex pinwheel block or the LeMoyne Star with multi coloured 9 patch between the blocks. Poor me, I'll have to spend some quiet time in the fabric shops to find just the right combination!!! lol

Hope you have a lovely weekend. I'll update my news early next week. Take care!


Stitcher said...


Margaret said...

What a tense time you are living through Berta.

Hope that your dad's funeral was a lovely memorial to him.

Sorry things are not well in the nephew department. Wishing you all the best as you deal with the situation.

Will be out of town until 03/18 but will email you once we're back.

hugs, Margaret

Wendy said...

It sounds like a wonderful tribute for your Dad. I'm glad everything went so well for it. {{hugs}}

Pumpkin said...

Are you serious! You come to Moncton just as I move further away???? ;o) It would have been nice to connect with you but instead of 1.5 hours, I'm about 5 hours away now :o( I can't wait to see the idea you have for the quilt.