Sunday, April 26, 2009

Post 2 -JR's visit

JR came to visit this weekend along with his parents. Jeff worked the annual trade show in the city while I socialized with Heather & Jonathan. One of the highlights was the 'tub'.

And you can't tub without some friends! Rescue Heroes fit the bill quite nicely.

The other boys have grown through 3 sizes of goggles so it was no surprise to find a pair to fit JR. Here he is preparing to dive underwater with Daddy's guidance. He can't swim but he certainly isn't afraid of the water and he seem to be able to naturally hold his breath...he's way more talented than his Nannie!
Mommy wasn't too far away from the fun. We all love her new 'do', don't you? Very fresh and sporty.

Papa had to work the weekend so missed out on alot of the family time. However he had enough time to squeeze in some PlayDoh fun! He was helping Jonathan made spaghetti strings to drape over SpiderMan. Jonathan was teasing his 'Poppo', who played right along. Boys and their toys!


Margaret said...

What a wonderful visit with your darling Jonathan. Thanks for all the lovely pictures of the fab time. Your daughter's new do is very pretty.

Felicity said...

What a cutie. I too love seeing the pics of family occasions, such as these ones.

CindyMae said...

Oh that pool looks wonderful!!! More great times!!

Alberta said...

Thanks kind friends for you warm comments. I am especially proud of my family!