Monday, April 27, 2009

What, another post! lol

Whereas before it was difficult to be alone with my thoughts long enough to post, now my head has multiple ideas! So please, do stop me if I ramble on too long!

Projects, where to start...
  1. Gardening - potted up tomatoes and crackerjack marigolds. Coaxing along the pink pampas grass. Trimmed the potentila but have lots more clean up to do if it stops snowing!
  2. Stitching - chairs are slow these days/weeks. My mind has been racing and I haven't felt confident enough to stitch much without wondering about those basted frogs.
  3. Quilting - still not totally happy with these pinwheel blocks, but I'm getting closer to being satisfied.
  4. Home renos - the shower project is on hold. The patch is doing its job while we research more...the old unit is now not up to code...oh dear...that sounds like bring more money to me!
  5. My well being - seems I may have had some heavy duty thoughts that I wasn't aware of because these days I feel so much more alive and vibrant. I have full days with Joe and his rotating work schedule but I fall to sleep quicker and most importantly, deeply. I'm back to morning walks with Jo & Caidin and am grateful for their companionship.
  6. Joe loves his new job and seems to have fallen right where he was meant to be at this time. The money is less but we can make it work and we have so much more quality time blackb*rry going off 24/7. They had a chili contest at work last Friday and Joe entered, not sure what to expect in competition. He took first prize as voted by his co-workers! He's pleased as punch. It was good, I even got a taste before he took it to work.
  7. I can't help but smile when I look at Joe. He's lost 21 pounds since the start of February and he is absolutely beaming! He has more energy and vibrancy- such a huge change from a mere year ago when he was heavy hearted, working through his concerns. I wouldn't trade that year for anything because it's so good today! Love ya Joe!


CindyMae said...

I am just so thrilled to hear that you are feeling much better and that Jo is doing so well with his new job! That is wonderful and sometimes less money mean more happiness, money is sure not everything is it?

Felicity said...

The chairs about to come out and be dusted again at my house. We can enjoy the frogging frustrations together once more. At least it's simple fabric and simple thread.

With all the other things happening in life lately, I've missed our 'us' time & the swapping of emails. It will be good to know you will be SAL-ling on the other side of the er ... world. LOL That came out all wrong, but you know what I mean.

I'm glad Joe likes his new job.