Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wrapping things up

While I try to get my land legs's funny when you stop and think about it. Here I was worried about my sea legs and they adapted's on solid ground I'm having issues. I was standing at the kitchen counter the other day and all of a sudden the counter top seemed to bob up & down! Not sure it it's connected to my plugged ears...the high elevations did that...or my tendency towards bouts of vertigo. It doesn't stop my day just my movement for a moment or two.

Margaret, I'm reading Dan Brown's Digital Fortress...and highly technical who done it. The first five or six chapters went along fine until I get to the really good stuff and out came all this techno computer talk that totally baffled my brain. I think this book will have to be read in a quiet restless area when I can totally focus on the words and not keep looking up to see what cute things my grandkids are doing! That was my downfall.

I'm getting excited about the approaching fall and all that means. I love to see the changing colours of the leaves and wearing sweaters and corduroy pants. I have some nice suede boots I'm longing to wear and the air just seems so crisp in the morning. I can drag out my telescope at a half decent time and star mid summer, it's almost 10:30 before it starts to get dark...I'm usually way too tired to focus that eye piece.
I love the new books, pens and other school related items...that will never pass. I usually go out and get my new planner/journal about this time and this year was no different! Love the purple & pink circles on the cover...and I have some important dates already registered. What a nerd I everything to do with writing, reading and learning in general! My interest groups are re-forming and I can't wait to find out what everyone has been up to over the summer!

And of course I am looking forward to MIL's birthday party...funny thing is our DD and her husband's flights have been switched around and they are across the aisle from us on the last leg of the journey! We'll be renting a car together, split the expense and be able to chat some more. Can't have enough family time or friend time for that matter. Love my life and the place I'm in. Hope things are good for you now!


CindyMae said...

I can see where it would be hard to adapt back to dry land! Funny how that works. I wish that I lived somewhere to enjoy the changing colors of fall. Our leaves change one day and the next they are all over the ground! LOL If they even change before falling!

Pumpkin said...

I'm with you there Berta, I can't wait for fall either. This hot muggy weather is for the south, not NS! LOL! I get the same feeling as I'm out shopping and looking at all the new school supplies but it makes me long for a new box of Crayola crayons ;o)

Oh, have a great trip and Happy Birthday to your MIL.