Monday, August 24, 2009

Good Morning!!!

What a great day it has started out to be...the air feels so crisp and clean...very invigorating! I found an awesome giveaway via Meari's Musings . She referred us over to Melissa's site The Daily Mel . This was my first visit to Mel's and wow does she have a wonderful giveaway going. I don't usually entered contests but this one has caught my eye in a big way. Pop over and see for yourself and who may be the lucky winner.

In the meantime I'm having some issues with adapting to the 1 hour time difference I experienced for just 1 week. How silly is that? They - the experts - say to jump into the new time and go for it. Well seems to have caught up with me. I eat later, go to bed later...and get up later. I can only wonder how a 3 day jaunt down east with a 3 hour time difference is going to upset my apple cart! Stay tuned! The MIL quilt is progressing...had to change the design somewhat to accommodate the creative spirit of some of my family. Which is good, it'll make the piece that much more special.

Seems our eating habits feel to the wayside while on vacation - a few pounds crept on - and so I'm back to using the fat formula. I went through my cupboards and purged the bad for me food...mostly snack type stuff. If it isn't in the house, I can't eat it! For those that don't know the formula...take the number of fat grams multiply by 9 calories and then divide that number by the amount of calories per serving. The resulting number...hopefully below .30 or the percentage of fat you are eating. The microwave popcorn came out to 54%, so out it went. I have some nice crackers and melba toast to crunch on instead and they are running at 14-16%. This is a much healthier choice for me.

I wish you all a superb week, the last full one of August to seriously start looking at SHHH! Christmas 2009!
Bye Bye!


CindyMae said...

I hate time changes!!! One hour makes a big difference, don't sound silly at all!!!

Pumpkin said...

Oh, I hate hour changes. Completely throws me for a loop. Good luck getting back on track, especially after your trip :oS

AHHHHH....don't even talk about Christmas yet!

Meari said...

Good luck on your healthy eating. I don't keep snack foods in the house for the same reason -- not there, can't eat it. LOL

Felicity said...

Thankfully, we don't do any form of daylight saving where I live, alleluia! Christmas? I want it to come quickly, yet at the same time I want to savour what comes before it in the next 4 months.