Sunday, September 20, 2009

A sign????

I hate to admit this but I have had in my possession the directions for this most beautiful Kathleen Bissett quilt Magic Tiles for a couple of years. I took a mental break a few years ago while in Medicine Hat visiting Dad at the cutest shop in the Co-op Mall...I have since forgotten the name. Although I'm not a fan of blue, I just couldn't take my eyes off the actual piece that was on display. The play of shades and the movement was quite intriguing. I've always had it in the back of my mind while fabric shopping for other projects.

Well imagine my surprise and delight when I spotted this beauty at Lori's Country Cottage's quilt show! It's simply black and white with a plum accent. Very striking in its simplicity. Now get this...the kicker that once again makes me want draws me in closer is that each center piece wears a poem, song lyrics or quotation near and dear to the artist. This both excites and scare me because of the copyright issue, especially with Ms. Bissett - here's her view as a designer.

This is a beautiful use of gorgeous fabric...hand dyed? but the simple deisgn allows the fabric and quilting to glow.
I loved the use of a basic block but with more combinations of a few fabrics against white sashing.
This is white background, black accents with a rich burgundy and black paisley! Stunning.
I'm still looking for female feedback,,,come on...I have lots of sisters-in-law out there...let me know if you're reading this and what you like...I'm in a rut and need more opinions! And then I'll do what feels right for me at that time! lol

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Pumpkin said...

Wow, those are beautiful quilts! I hate to say it Berta but you won't get inspiration from me right now :o( I wish I could help.