Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday and I haven't accomplished a thing!

My head is just spinning around and I don't see a stop in the near future.

I received my computer back on Monday with a new hard drive :( And I started the process of re-installing my software. Got that done and then I tried my easy backup restore my files...what a nightmare...and it's still ongoing!

I recovered some info but not have to extract and figure out where to put it so I can find it. Then the disc drive stopped working...more emails back and forth with support people...I email so I can have a printed version of what is going on for future reference...finally got that working but...still haven't got all my info. I had to uninstall the software to get the disc driver to get...and so far I have only reloaded Office and my financial head hurts from all this foolishness. Can you tell I have a PC????

Other stuff...DH bought a new truck on Sunday. We got the old truck's windshield replaced (Albertans know a lot about stone chips and cracks) and then with his work schedule etc...we only picked it up last night. He's very happy with I need to shuffle some money and make everything nice again.

I have a garden executive meeting tonight...we got so many great ideas for future gatherings and to make a plan for the year or 2 to come.

Quilting...well I know what I want to make, and for whom but I haven't been out to get my fabric...good news in a way...where I shop there is both a fabric store and sewing machine store...sadly the machine shop is closing, but they are having a sale starting this weekend...who knows what treasure I may find!

Book wise I'm reading one of my summer selections...The Clique's a no-brainer, just what this gal needs...couldn't handle a Dan Brown tome!

DH had his follow-up with the doctor, and as I suspected he is borderline Type 2 to the library for lots of information and we are on our way to a new improved lifestyle in the food department. Because he is on his feet for his whole work day, he is quite reluctant to go for an evening walk or more. He has a another follow-up in 3 months so we'll see what the expert says about the progress to date.

Weather wise, we have hit more record setting highs this week as some of my blogging friends in the States have experienced flooding and I heard there are dust storms in Australia. Some folks around here say we won't get any cold white weather until after the new year, some are preparing for an early arrival. Me, I'm preparing as much as I can so we aren't caught off guard but I still want to sit outside, read, relax and just enjoy each glorious day/evening as it unfolds!

Thanks for stopping by...until next time!


Pumpkin said...

I know what you mean about computers. How come you can read the instructions and do everything they say but it never works out in the end >:o( Good luck.

It's been beautiful here. I've really wasted it. I should be at the beaches but I have been walking Duncan every day.

Meari said...

I empathize with your computer woes... it takes a lot of time transferring programs and files!

I hope your DH can keep his diabetes under control. That's one thing I worry about... several of my relatives have it, and I don't want it.

Margaret said...

My goodness Berta but you are a busy, busy girl. I just can't even imagine tackling software installation - WOW - kudos to you my friend.

Hope you find the perfect recipes and great life-style to keep hubby's diabetes under control.

Have a good week.

Jennifer said...

I HIGHLY recommend the South Beach cookbooks for lots of diabetic friendly recipes. The food is good, easy to make, and doesn't taste like you're on a diet. Bonus - losing weight will help keep diabetes at bay. Even just a small loss will make a tremendous difference. My DH, FIL and grandmother in law are all diabetic, so I've been living with this for a while.

Good luck!!!