Sunday, October 25, 2009

Last week of October

As it comes to a close I must say it's ending better than I had anticipated, what with the rather white blast of things to come well before Thanksgiving. I enjoyed some quiet time puttering around out back, cleaning up a few pots, getting things ready for seed starting in the new year. I even felt inclined to dig up a few weeds I found after a last mow of the yard. I thought it would collect and mulch up the fallen leaves but surprise to me, my lawn was quite shaggy. All that moisture must have had an effect. My compost bins are in fine 2/3 full of this years contributions and the other is great shape for mulching around some of my more prized perennials. Just have to wait until the freeze comes and decides to stay.

I am stitching once again, only to have to put it down for most of the coming week. We are driving south after work Tuesday. Wednesday we help Heather pack, load the rental truck Thursday and as soon as the house is cleaned, keys passed over, we are BC bound. Not sure how far we'll get but we want to get the show on the road. Joe will drive the rental truck, I'm driving with Heather and Jonathan in her standard car. Jeff will drive his Mom in her car...she won't highway drive, let alone go through the mountains. Jeff's Dad will drive the family van with the TV, and other electronics. Once we arrive, get the new house keys, check out the place, we are unloading. I'll come back with Joe to return the rates hence the return to originating site...then we head home with our truck. rest for the wicked. Joe works Monday afternoon and hopefully he will have had a good night's sleep by then.

Until my next good!


CindyMae said...

Good to hear from you. Hope that you have a safe trip and an easy time with the move.

Margaret said...

What a lovely picture Berta.

My goodness, I get tired just reading about your trip. Hope everything is going well. Safe journey.

mumzy said...

Lovely picture of the leaves. Hope you had a safe trip and move.

Pumpkin said...

Do you two ever stay home for very long???? LOL! Have a safe move.