Friday, November 27, 2009

Not a good start to the day

 UPDATE @ noon...Joe called and he is feeling fine so far, a bit stiff & sore this morning after the drive into work but a couple of T*ylenol seemed to do the trick. He's on his way home for lunch...he'll eat and I'll apply some M*loflex rub...that works wonders for my aches & pains.  Hope everyone has a safe weekend!  Hugs to all

It was like a bad Keystone Cops movie...the cat running out across the frosty lawn in the 6:30 am darkness...Joe taking off after her.  The more Joe ran, the faster the cat bolted!  Just as I was about to whisper...Be careful of the ice, BOOM!  Joe goes down, flat on his back hitting his head on the neighbour's concrete driveway.  The cat screams under their fence and Joe isn't moving very fast.   I stick shoes on my feet and head out to help Joe up and see if he's okay. No sign of Romy.

I got Joe back to the house, into the light to check him out.  Couldn't see anything visible but the fear now is of concussion.  As Joe gathered his thoughts, I quickly checked out the warning symptoms and signs.  

Joe reluctantly went off to work with the promise to tell a co-worker of his mishap in case he does have a head injury.  I got dressed...can't go around the block in my housecoat...and headed out to whisper for the cat.  No luck.

I came back to the house for a flashlight, checked our backyard and left the gate opened in case Romy came back via the route.Just as I was about to steop out the front door, there she the bottom of the steps.   She looked spooked but came up the steps when I slowly opened the door and invited her in.  This is the farthest she has ventured out since arriving in September and I'm sure she wasn't totally sure which steps were hers.

A quick pet to let her know she did well coming in, I called Joe who had picked up his co-worker and was heading out to their morning training session.  Joe was happy the cat came back and I am happy that he had company with him who knew to watch for signs of injury.

I wished we could re-start the day.  We can't, this is our reality and we will be handling it to the best of our ability.  Hopefully we are still heading south to celebrate JT's 8th birthday and to watch both grandsons in their karate tourney tomorrow.

I wish you all the mishap free weekend!


CindyMae said...

Oh no! I am so sorry that Joe was hurt. That sounds so painful!! AT least it did not require a trip to the ER for stitches are something!

Pumpkin said...

OUCH! It's lucky that he didn't seriously hurt himself. I remember my fall from last winter and I still have the scar to prove it :oS

So glad to hear that Romy came home!