Tuesday, December 01, 2009

December is here!

And I'm not ready!   Oh dear...I better strap on my running shoes and get my motor racing! Today is the first day of a family The Biggest Loser style weight loss challenge.  Looking forward to what may be!

The weekend was wonderful.   Joe only had a stiff side from his spill.  It drive probably contributed to this.  He felt so much better Saturday with more on his feet and moving about.   We went and seen the grandkids do their karate tournament.  Both broke boards.  Alex split his with a hammer fist, which JT also used to his first break.  Then because of a 3 way tie, they upped the size of the board and added a barricade they had to jump over and before they landed side kick the board.  I was so proud when JT was the only one to accomplish this!

Sunday we came home via a craft show 90 minutes form the house.  Friends had a craft booth and they were showing some amazing items.  I put in a special order for a little something for the house.   More details when I get it!

Yesterday we got our new frig delivered.   I love it but it's taking some time to figure out the best place to store what.   That'll come with use and time.

Tonight we have our SIL visiting us.   This is Jeff's first road trip since the BC move.   Hopefully he'll have room to take a few gifts home with him and save me the postage.

I'm off to quilting tonight...more work on the disappearing 9 patch!   Have a wonderful day!


Pumpkin said...

I know! Hard to believe :oS

Glad to hear that DH is feeling better. Congrats to the grandkids! No wonder you are proud of them :o)

CindyMae said...

Too cool about the grandkids!! So glad that your DH is feeling better!!

mumzy said...

Where did the rest of the year go? In 5 weeks, we are leaving for Florida - time flies!

Glad to hear that your hubby is much better. Those grandkids are pretty smart and special.