Friday, December 04, 2009

Fantastic few days

I don't know where to start!  lol I guess at the beginning - silly me!

Tuesday our SIL Jeff arrived on his last business trip.I would have loved it if Heather and Jonathan could have accompanied him but Heather is busy at her new job and Jonathan is still settling into the new home.   Heather is operator of an older MWWH outlet and has a mini renovation fixtures, carpet, etc as well as hiring her temp staff and try to increase sales.  Jeff & I had a nice chat and caught up.  As Joe was coming into the house, I headed out for my quilting guild meeting.

The meeting was quiet to say the least...only 4 members in attendance.   But we had the best chance to chat amongst each other, see their projects, and best of ideas!   Kim has suggested a sampler idea for a BOM for the new year.  We'll all do the same block but with our choice of fabric, block size etc.  I'm excited about this.  Kim has wonderful visions from her many skilled years of quilting.

Well didn't Kim surprise me last night!  She showed up on my front porch with a lovely bundle of dotty fabric from her stash!   We had been talking about a few gorgeous quilts made entirely of dotted fabrics! Kim so kindly started my stash toward my very own dotty creation!

Last night Joe mad a sumptuous cheese fondue...a nice white wine and 2 different cheeses, veggies of all types, and some of my homemade bread - YUM! I was a bit hesitant jumping on the scales this morning after such a treat but I was pleased to see I didn't derail myself.  Tuesday was Day 1 of our family version of The Biggest Loser.  It's so nice to have the family support along the way.  I feel their love as I struggle with my eating demons.  I tend to snack when I'm a) bored or b) tired.  Now I now that, it's easier to address the cause.

We are having our first snow storm of the season, all the brown grass is covered with 15 cm of white fluffy snow.  Tonight we are decorating our tree...and I feel so happy cuz...

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!


mumzy said...

Cindy Day is now on the TV advising us that New Brunswick will be getting our first amount of snow on Sunday, so I guess we will be joining you with the white blanket.

Congrats on your staying on the weight program. I guess if you only cheat once in a while, things should not derail your efforts.

Have a great weekend!

Pumpkin said...

I saw all that snow on TWC. Yikes! It sure does look like Christmas out your way ;o)

That was very nice of your friend to increase your fabric stash.

I wish you lots of luck with managing your weight. Don't call it a diet but a change in your eating habits. Sounds much better and without the pressure. You might have to find something to do with your hands when you get bored or tired.

CindyMae said...

Good luck with your Family Biggest Loser!!! What a wonderful thing for your friend to start your stash that way. Sounds like things have been great and that is just awesome!