Saturday, December 05, 2009

Snow day

This is my dear Joe out back blowing the snow drift off the deck last night.  We have garden doors that open outward, so it's important to keep the snow cleared so our aging dog Cody can get outside.  In the big picture it wasn't a ton of white stuff but when you think that a mere 12 hours prior, I was looking out at a very brown backyard.  I'm going to move our garbage cans around a bit and see if that helps divert the drifts back from the house.  Nothing to lose by trying.

This is my new Advent calendar I just finished...a bit late but it's done now!  My daughter Lesley helped me quite a bit.  She cut all the squares, the scalloped circles and even took me shopping for the tins (Michael's in the wedding favour aisle).  The one thing I had some trouble with was the numbers and the title lettering.  Not having acess to a Cuttlebug or Cricut, I has to resort to my computer and some card stock.  The hardest part being the font size.  It was only then that I realized I didn't have the right size circle I hand cut each round.  Guess what will be on my birthday wish list next?!  It's a great project Lesley learned last year at a Stampin Up gathering.  She has posted directions on her stamping blog  Towne Stamper.  Check it out!  BTW - each tin is large enough for 4 small treats...I'm using Hersey Kisses!  Yum! Thanks for the help Lesley!


mumzy said...

That picture of Joe snowblowing is what my hubby is faced with this morning. Hopefully, it won't stay long.

Pumpkin said...

You know something, all of our doors, even the main one, open outwards. Things are really backwards here in NS. LOL! We're getting a new front door because DH panicked when he realized he wouldn't be able to open the door if we had a big snow storm ;o)

That is the cutest advent calender! Great job :o)

sebastiandohare said...


CindyMae said...

Hope the snow does not get so bad! I simply LOVE your advent calendar! It is awesome!