Saturday, May 01, 2010

May Day Yea!

What wonderful weather we've enjoyed this week, even the day or rain.  The ground soaked it up quickly but I did have a chance to get outside with my old and trusty weed hound.  I popped out a large shopping bag of weeds.  That sounds horrid I know...they got that bad but last year we made the decision to water the trees and garden and just let the lawn be. I'm hoping our drought has ended.There are plenty of plants needing potting up and I have another 2 beds in the back to clean up and weed and then 1 huge bed in the front.

I was checking my blogline and came across this brilliant idea.  I'm going to do it, not sure if my dimensions will be the same or not.The idea...make your own fabric mini bolts!  Click HERE  for's a photo of how great this looks!   Thanks Missy!
Wishing you a wonderful first weekend of May!


mainely stitching said...

That is such a cute idea!!!

Pumpkin said...

What a neat idea! I know I have a box of fabric that I need to do something with. Thanks for the link Berta :o)

mumzy said...

From the weather forecast here, it sounds like you are having snow this week - not pretty. I love the idea of making the fabric bolts. I have mine selected by similar colors but have too many to work your idea into my quilting room. Maybe I will have to get rid of some of mine and make it work after that.