Friday, May 07, 2010

He's here

Yesterday our eldest daughter and our grandson arrived for a mini holiday.  This was JR's first airplane ride and we need not have been concerned.  He walked through the arrival gates with a ho-hum attitude as if he does this all the time.  When he spotted us, he had the biggest grin on his face!  Kids never cease to amaze me.

JR was very surprised to see snow on the ground...he had a very rainy winter in BC...perhaps he thought we arranged this just for him.  Our weather gurus are telling us we will be in the double digits this weekend and then highs of 15 - 17'C Tuesday and Wednesday.  This is great news.

The day before the snow arrived, we had the lawn aerated.  Where the snow has already melted away you can see a definite flush of bright green!

Inside the greenhouse things are growing along.  For the first time EVER,I have grown petunias from seed and I have about 5 of them blooming in their little 9 cells!  I can't wait to start potting up my planters.  I can't imagine someone not liking gardening...there are happy surprises every day!

Don't get too excited...the planter in the upper right was purchased but towards the center of the photo you can see the first petunia that bloomed...a purple or is it blue? one.

We are headed south for Alex's ball game tonight, a photo shoot with all 3 grandsons tomorrow and then JT's first communion Saturday evening.  Sunday Papa and the 3 boys will prepare a sumptuous brunch for the 3 Mom's...

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!