Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Days flashing by

We had the pleasure of sharing JT's First Communion over the weekend.  What a special day surrounded by his family, godparents and friends.

Earlier we had a photo shoot with all 3 of our grandsons...all decked out in gorgeous shades of mauve.  Can't wait to get the prints...I may post a preview!

FaceBook...love it or hate it...this morning we read from a family member that the remains of a missing cousin may have been found.  He disappeared Sept 2009 and the police and family have exhausted all leads.  No details yet...so we are all holding our breath.

Here on the home front,  we are preparing for Joe's new job.  He was approached, interviewed and offered the job which begins after the CDN May long weekend.  He was up for more challenges and this is right up his alley.  The only kicker...he is away from home 3 weeks and then home 1 week.  The good news is we can now go back to planning his time off.  Having split days off mid week was not working.  Joe had to take holiday time for our visit to BC and again this past weekend.  I think I can keep myself busy while he's away.  With internet and SKYPE, we can chat every day.

Stitching...I haven't done any.  My carpal tunnel has flared up...too much transplanting in the greenhouse?...but I have made the big move.  I have ordered myself a beautiful needlework stand system...can't wait for it to come in!

In the greenhouse...things are bursting forth.  For the very first time I grew petunias from seed and I have about 6 of them in flower!  I am so proud of myself.  I'll be doing more next year! 

Well I'll post this, I hear JR up and about...he wasn't feeling well yesterday...he has the early signs of a head cold...so we may have a pj day!

Have a great day!


Lana said...

Can't wait to see pics of JT's communion!! What a special time! I am sorry to hear of your missing cousin, though maybe this will bring some closure to the situation, my thoughts are with you and the family during this hard time. I am totally with you on the not being able to stitch because of health issues...my eyestrain have caused me to have major headaches the past 3 days in a row, because of the headaches, I don't feel much like stitching or reading...or anything really...hang in there! hope you are soon stitching again!

Barbara said...

Sorry to hear of your carpal tunnel flare-up - hope it's short-lived!!

mainely stitching said...

(Logged in to wrong account. The Barbara is me.)

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