Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Personal Challenges

Hi Everyone...just want you to know that I have not fallen off the face of the world.  Right now I feel pulled in so many different directions.

Here's a Reader's Digest version of 'my stuff'
  • DH got a new job which he starts after the May long weekend.  It's an away job, gone 3 weeks and then home for 1. At HD he was lucky to get 1 weekend off per month and then his other day's off were being split up...not easy to plan family things and family is very important to us.
  • My greenhouse is overflowing with plants either doing exceptional well or those that aren't.  Now to figure out where to plant them!  Good problem to have! :)
  • Friends are on evacuation notice due to a wildfire burning out of control north of us.  We are their go-to-place for shelter.  Did I mention they have 3 dogs (1 is a St Bernard) and 2 cats? It was a close call Sunday afternoon but then the winds shifted and the fire moved away.  It's still out of control.  We desperately need a week of steady rain.
  • My father's estate is all but closed.  My brother who has chosen to step back from the family over 10 years ago can not be located and his inheritance is going into a trust account for the next ten years.  After working diligently for almost 10 years on Dad's financial portfolio, not everyone felt I was deserving of an honorarium. And I have to archive all the files for another 7 years.  What I wouldn't do to have a great big bonfire and be done with it...but i can't & I won't cut corners now.
  • My DH's cousin who went missing Sept 1 2009 has been identified as the remains found last week.  There are so many questions, so few answers.  He leaves behind a 20 year old daughter, a mother and 3 sisters. 
  • Our hot tub shell was successfully repaired only to find out that the motor was shot.  So instead of piling more and more money into it, we ponied up and bought a new, much more energy efficient unit.  SURPRISE...they called today to say they can deliver next week...we were expecting mid June.   Did I mention Joe starts his new job on Tuesday?  I need to find some extra manly hands to help set the new unit into position.
  • Quilting has slowed down.  Our eldest daughter and JR were down for 10 days.  What a busy little guy he is, and sharp...he remembers EVERYTHING!  Now this weekend our youngest daughter arrives for some golf, relaxing and oh yeah...we are making new curtains for her master bedroom!
  • Stitching...what's that? lol  My stand is on back order and my hands are taking a beating from all the digging, weeding and planting I've been doing.  I haven't even had the time/energy or gumption to sit in the sun, relax and read a good book.
  • Our daughter's 12 year dog passed away in her sleep yesterday.  As sad as it is to lose a pet, what a wonderful way to go, gently through the night. Our dear dog has been with us 15 years and she was fully grown when she joined our family.  She's getting stiff and clumsy but still perks up for her meals and the occasional car ride. I hope I don't have to make 'the call' for her.
  • Our weather has been crazy.  We had a snow storm that left us with about a foot of snow in the yard.  A week later it's all gone and the ground is still as dry as a bone.  Now we have been hit by a heat wave...who heard of 31'C in mid May????  Talk about night sweats.  These are full blown hot flashes and they just zap the energy right of me.  I don't know if I'm even functioning half the time.
That's enough  of's looking like quite the pity party and that isn't my style.  I'm hoping that by the end of next week I will have found my groove again and will be posting on a regular basis about stuff I'm accomplishing.

Until then, take care and if you are traveling this long weekend in Canada, drive safe!


Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

Oh are having quite the time at the moment. Take deep breathes and remember to take care of yourself first.

Felicity said...

You are daily in my thoughts. Hugs.

Pumpkin said...

My goodness you are busy and going through a lot girl! Take it one day at a time and remember your cyber friends are here for you :o)

FrederickI_Ferre馨儀 said...
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mumzy said...

Berta, you are an amazing woman to be able to deal with all of this all at once. Take care and hope that by now, things are easing off.
Big Hugs to you.