Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A weight has been lifted

Or so it seems!  Yesterday started early with a 7 am appointment to have a car recall issue addressed.  It took longer to get the paperwork processed than the actual repair.  There is something to be said about having the first appointment of the day!

We had our final electrical inspection for the new hot tub. How things have changed since we had the first tub installed, all good changes but boy don't the wheels of town hall move slowly!

I feel so much lighter since the weekend.  Nothing dramatic happened, I just had time to get my thoughts in order.  I did that while doing something that needed to be done...purging!  It was good to switch into mind set and simply get rid of 'stuff' that was no longer useful, working or needed.  My garbage can is only half full but walking around I can see evidence of a good well done.   One of my top priorities was to get the information off the last of the floppy discs before I lose it entirely.  I got mine done...thanks to an external floppy disc drive we still have...gotta love USB ports...but now DH has a case full of past work data he has to sort through.

I found this pic on one of the floppy discs...not a bad photo at all.  It was taken in 1998 at a military function.  I don't know if I should admit this or not, but I still have that red & black houndstooth jacket and I love it!  I can't fit my wedding dress but I can fit this!

Have a wonderful day everyone!


Karen said...

I hate taking my car to the shop only because it takes so darn long for them to do whatever to it. I'm glad to hear you were in and out so quickly!

Nice pic of you and your husband!

Pumpkin said...

GREAT picture Berta!!!!

Doesn't it feel great to purge stuff like that? I finally got rid of my floppy disks too. LOL!

Felicity said...

LOL about fitting one but not the other. Thinking of you.

Margaret said...

My goodness but you have been busy Berta. What a great feeling though when it is all done.

Great picture of you and DH. Can't blame you for still wearing your lovely jacket - it is timeless.