Friday, October 01, 2010

Busy times

Yesterday was a wash out for me...seemed like I was constantly struggling to get things done, there was no flow to my day.

I got the preliminary design sketch for my late brother's monument.  I forward it to the family for approval...and it will be a long dragged out time to get all their responses.  The main 2 opinions I value are those of my nieces.

The weather continues to be gorgeous.  I hope the month of October blesses us with continued sunshine.  I'm not looking forward to the dull grey winter days ahead.

Stitching wise... I have disappointed myself.  I haven't progressed as far along as I had hoped.  I'm still short a few floss colours.  Oh to decide what to do about this state of affairs.

We are off to LA in 9 days.  We will be watching 2 tapings of The Dr Phil show. Joe surprised me with tickets to watch Jeopardy being taped...I just hope I don't blurt out an answer!!!!  I talk to the TV all the time at home.  Does anyone know of any great local shops where a gal could add to her stash????

November means a quick jaunt to BC to visit with DD1 and our dear grandson JR.  He is growing up so fast...he always puts a smile on my face when we talk on the phone.  He still thinks I can see through the phone lines!!!  Ah to be that young again...

Until next time


mumzy said...

How exciting to be able to be at those tapings. Have a great time! Also have a wonderful time visiting your DD1 and JR. I'm sure it will be fun.

Margaret said...

Oh how exciting Berta. You are going to have a blast in LA!!

Also a wonderful visit to DD1 and family!! - ENJOY