Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fertilizer Friday January 28 2011

Good morning gardeners! Glenda/Tootsie was interviewed for a  most informative podcast the other day. LISTEN HERE There aren't many gardening in the same zone as us...although some charts suggest we are zone any tip is worthy to heed.
Once again it's that time of the week to water & fertilize your garden, whether they be inside or out.  Details can be found at TOOTSIE TIME . Check it out and visit the other links for inspiration from their gardens.

Once again, a little something from my indoor garden, a basket with pothos or philodendron (can you help me to distinguish the 2?) another peperomia and a baby spider.  These are all ancestors of the original plants that arrived in this basket when we first moved into this home from my parents.  Those blue clingy snowflakes on the window to is keep the birds from flying into the glass and getting injured.  I do have some iridescent leaves but it the lower light of winter, the birds don't always catch sight in time to divert away.

Enjoy a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping by.


mumzy said...

I am afraid I am not well informed on plants, so can't help you there. I, too, have different things in my windows to keep the birds from running into them but they still occasionally run into the windows.

Tootsie said...

It's a devil's ivy! I wrote a post about that for my other site...that I do with Brenda
I have both listed in there...I used to get them all mixed up too!
thanks for linking into FF this week!!! it is a hard thing to go from all the warm we just had...+8...and today it is -16!!! no wonder we Albertans are always sniffing! hahaha

Suzy said...

Its happy and healthy looking! Its so nice that we can grow things indoors.

Alberta said...

Thanks Tootsie...will be researching it shortly!