Monday, February 28, 2011

More snow :( Updated

Now to back stitch!

Woke up this morning to 2 more feet of snow in the driveway. It's super cold out there too! Took 2 go arounds to clear behind the car so I can get out for a few groceries.  Not sure when I'll get the top of the drive cleared or the back deck.  In the meantime, I can warm up and back stitch.

***My day is filled with contradictions...dress warm before heading outside.  Shovel the driveway so DH can  park tomorrow and maybe do some snowblowing.  Run to the store to get some milk so I can go home and have some in a hot cup of tea and so it went!


Pumpkin said...

Looks great! You're almost done :o)

I have to admit, we're getting snow here today too :o(

Margaret said...

Oh no!! More snow!! Time I stopped complaining about local below normal temps. :) Hope it warms up soon in your neck of the woods.

Love this chair. Isn't it a sweetheart to stitch?

Alberta said...

Cathey, It's so hard to hold a small needle when you are chilled to the bone. This winter seems to be dragging on forever, or is it my perception due to the aging process?

Margaret...I absolutely love ALL the chairs but especially this twig one and the Adirondack one (I have one of these on my front porch and adore sitting in the afternoon sun with a cup of tea and a good book!)

I don't know why I put it away. Shame on me for not finishing it. Yea me for picking it up again and making it a priority!

As for the weather...seems we have -36° coming our way later this week.

Karen said...

I don't know about you, but I'm so sick and tired of all this cold weather and SNOW. I can't wait for Spring!

Your chair is really cute! Looking forward to seeing the final product. :)