Sunday, February 27, 2011


Yeah...I got the frog situation addressed.  I don't know where my head was but it certainly wasn't in the stitching game.  Will post pictures tomorrow after I get some backstitching started. :)

Yesterday a quilting friend posted this video and it's being spreading like wildfire. This morning I tried it out with some stash I had handy.

5 blocks, each 6.75"
Centre block folded right sides tog and stitched between 2 other blocks each side
Blocks opened up with a puffy centre block in between

Block all sewn up, 3 seams only, wrong side up

Right side up, lightly pressed

My scissors illustrated the 3D effect of the centre block.  Finished to 13.5"

I'm in the middle of several other projects and won't be using this technique yet...but it will definitely be on my wish list!

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