Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dusting myself off

 Where have I been???  It's been so long that blogger has changed their format and I had a few issues about how to post!  That'll teach me for staying away so long.

The quilt project continues, painfully slow though.  Working with 3 others, as dedicated as they are does pose a few problems.  People are so busy and it's somewhat difficult to coordinate schedules. Toss in the fact that our entire town hall, library included,  is being packed up...mostly into storage...for extensive renovations that should only last until January 2012.  Yeah, right!  There goes a convenient meeting location and all the reference material.  We will have to work with inter-library loan books or visit one of the neighboring libraries that will honour our membership.

Cross stitch is but a dream right now.  I did happen across some patterns I saved and am thinking of taking a small one on vacation later this month. We are heading back to Mexico and none too soon.  Poor DH is working huge hours and not seeming to be getting support form the main office.  For example, yesterday he had to drive a worker who just came off a week's time off, to get medical attention.  They were dehydrated & needed IV fluids (can you spell party hard?).  Something will change after way or the other and I'm so okay with that.  Obviously this isn't the best fit.

Weather wise we've been wet & cold. 34 days of rain in the past 44.  No wonder I haven't got the outside of the fence stained, or sanded the deck or...the list goes on.  I do however have a lovely patch of fairy ring!  Yuck!  I thought soaking the area was how you get rid of the problem.  It doesn't help that there is a large patch of the stuff just on the other side of our back fence. What to do, what to do?  Pick them before mowing and hope they will go away.

We enjoyed some time with Thing 1 and Thing 2 late June.  Took them to visit Jurassic Forest...will have to get those photos uploaded and posted.  We also went to the movies...The Green Lantern.  It was a bit intense for Thing 2 at times so we held hands from time to time.  

Thing 3 has started a new session of swimming lessons.  I think he's going to be part fish.  Good thing he lives in BC, close to the ocean.  I can see him trying to surf in 10 years or so.  He has 2 paternal cousins moving closer and they are very adventurous, especially in skate & snowboarding. Maybe they'll show JR a trick or two! Oh to be young and limber again! Enjoy summer everyone!



Pumpkin said...

Sounds like you've been one busy woman! Summer is always a busy time. Have fun down in Mexico. I'm not sure I'd want more heat right now but seeing as you've had that much rain, I can't blame you ;o)

mumzy said...

And I thought I was having a busy summer. You have me beat by a long shot. You really need that vacation in Mexico. Have fun!

Alberta said...

Thanks Ladies!

Felicity said...

Busy, busy, huh? And rain? Gracious me, it sounds like you are having the weather we had this time last year! Get out your gumboots, girl! LOL

Michele Bilyeu said...

Such a super awesome project and how wonderful that you got some newspress! This is one of the best projects, ever!