Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Good advice!

Sometimes I simply lose track of time.  So many interesting things to learn, people to visit and places to explore! I didn't mean to leave you hanging but...

DH lost his job mid month, we aren't exactly sure what happened but it coincides with a significant downturn in the industry and a lost contract overseas.  The good news is he is very good at cultivating work relationships and not biting the hand that feed you.  He has a new position within days and yippee...he's been working in the city and home eveyr night.  That will change nexy month when the project goes live, but still he's closer to home than in the past.  Win Win situation.

Tonight I have a presentation to town council in regards to our grant application for a centennial quilt.  I missed a group meeting and got nominated! That'll teach me! LOL

Tomorrow we head east to visit with family on both sides.  Saturday we celebrate my niece's wedding to her sweetheart and Sunday we are visiting with more cousins. Monday we have a little down time to sight see or shop before we fly home in time to see who will lead out new government.  I hope the message has gotten out there to get
the voters motivated to exercise their right.  We hit the advance polls last week.

My seedlings are inching along.  We still have snow in the backyard and lots of vole damage.  We may lose some of our lilacs and our apple tree is iffy, it was partially girdled.  C'est la vie.

Be good and have a great week.  Hope to have photos and details to brag about next week.  I am taking the laptop fully loaded with RootsMagic....hoping for a family tree explosion! 


Karen said...

I hope your presentation went well! Looking forward to hearing whether you will get some support for the project.

I'm sorry to hear that your husband lost his job, but it's really great how its worked out better for you in the end! Sometimes things like that happen for a reason.

I voted yesterday! From what I've read, voter turn-out was super high over the weekend. That's great news for Canada. People are finally speaking up!

Have fun at the wedding!

Pumpkin said...

Sounds like you've had your hands full! Glad to hear that DH got a new job and he'll be closer to home. Have a wonderful and safe trip :o)

We voted this past Saturday so we're done!

Margaret said...

So happy to hear that DH got a new job so quickly.

Sure hope that you will get support for your project now that you have given your presentation.

Have a wonderful time at the wedding. Enjoy! Enjoy!

mumzy said...

I have been away from blogging for quite a while so just catching up. Glad to hear your hubby found a new job closer to home and hope it is working out just fine.