Monday, January 30, 2012


Winter continues to tease us, not much snow, the occasional flurry and freezing temperatures.  Days are growing longer and I'm preparing to start some tomato seeds!  

I'm back into the swing of things after my little crash and burn episode.  Lost all my confidence, went back to the basics and started over. Things are going along marvelously in the quilting department.

I should be able to start cross stitching again next week.  I have almost full movement of my finger back but it seems to 'tire' easily.  Baby steps.

We attended the local renovation show and boy did we come out with ideas for the house.  We had prioritized our 'want to get information on' list before we attended so we didn't go too crazy. Looks like we'll be doing the following...topping up the attic insulation ( we could get this done almost free with gov't rebates); replacing the shower in the downstairs bathroom (custom size because the house is old and they make them bigger now) and replacing our back garden door with an energy efficient patio slider set with the mini blinds in between the 2 panes of glass.  Why are we going from a garden door to a patio slider...two fold.  One there will be more glass surface for brightness as well as ventilation and two...we are in the very early stages of planning for a sun room off our walk out family room!!!   

We are so pumped up about the idea we couldn't think straight yesterday.  We are trying to decide what size we would want as this is something you do once, don't want it too small.  After flipping through some brochures we came across the idea of putting the treadmill in the sun room.  I think it would be used more in the nicer environment vs the corner of the laundry room in the basement next to the cat box!  I'd also want a corner to put my telescope as well as some appropriate bamboo/rattan furniture. There will be so many changes in the back yard, we are going to take this nice and slow so we don't have any regrets.

Other than that, not much exciting going on around here! How's things going for you?

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Margaret said...

So glad that you are feeling better. You are so right to take baby steps so you don't take two steps back for each one you make forward.

Oh what fun you must have had at the show and my goodness but those and wonderful plans.

It's funny how Canada has had such a mild winter when in Europe it is such a severe one. Our kids are ready for spring. :)