Thursday, January 03, 2013

Does this owe us anything?

In 2003 we replaced our kitchen faucet with the best we could afford. It is a single lever with pull out for rinsing the sinks or easy filling of stock pots.
Slowly over the past month or so I'd noticed that when I wanted cold water, I was getting slightly warmish water.  Now it's simply hot water no matter where you situate the lever.  I'm suspect the cartridge needs replacing.  You know me, I keep everything!  I pulled out the original receipt along with the lifetime warranty card and set to work.  

Hmmm  Seems I need to send the defective part....I'm just guessing it's the cartridge that's at fault...along with the receipt to an address in QC.  How long do you think I'd be without running water in the kitchen while I wait for the part?  I like to eat and drink every day multiple times.  This isn't acceptable.

I'll get my husband to take the faucet apart this weekend and see what's what.  Perhaps we'll luck out and it'll just need a cleaning or even a common made part.  We bought this unit in 2003 for $113.99 CDN but today it retails for $284.00 US.  Now to see how valuable a lifetime warranty is worth in time spent, inconvenience and dollars out of pocket.



Margaret said...

Is it a MOEN? If so, they will send you an entire new unit.

Happy New Year.

Alberta said...

Unfortunately no, not a Moen. We'll dismantle it over the weekend and see what's what. If necessary, I have sourced out a beautiful Moen should that be the more economical route over all.