Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12 2013

Sunday morning was gloomy with overcast skies and the threat of a thunderstorm. But that didn't stop us from a busy day out in the gardens.

Joe had some work to do at the office so while he did that, I tagged along and kept myself busy deadheading and watering the planters at his office. I even had time to water the shrubs and pull weeds and quack grass around the cedars.  It looked very nice when I was done and I don't mind lending a hand when I can.

We then did some grocery shopping. We hadn't done any amount since early July so I was somewhat shocked at the price increases on most everything we buy. Oh well...gotta eat.

After putting that away and a quick lunch, we headed to the community garden for a tidy up. Our monthly meeting will be held there and we want it to look  its best. I was surprised to find aphids had taken over two of the petunia planters.  Will check with our president as to what action she wants us to take seeing as we are organic. Between the both of us we did about two hours of trimming, watering and weeding and left it looking marvellous. 

Got home to then work on our yards. Joe trimmed while I deadheaded, weeded and we both watered.  Found aphids won my petunias, so it seems to be a wide spread issue this time of year. I wasn't happy to find a huge grasshopper munching in my lettuce either. I rearranged some planters to freshness things up before our eldest daughter and youngest grandson arrive this Friday. 

After all the fresh air this weekend we hit the wall hard once we stopped moving. Supper was a beer can chicken only it was a rinsed out pop can half filled with a spicy water concoction, and steamed corn on the cob. Heavenly! To wrap up the weekend we popped in a DVD and kicked back. Awesome movie!

Hope everyone has a stupendous week. I'm off on a quilting retreat tomorrow and then vacation with Joe, Heather & JR. First stop, Calgary for a family gathering at Lesley & Aaron's. Second stop - Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, camping style.


Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

I've heard that's a fabulous film! It's on my to watch list.

Margaret said...

You really did keep those hands busy gardening. Fun, fun!!

Love this movie.

Alberta said...

Thanks Manuela & glad I didn't totally lose you by my lapse in posting. Better late than ever, right? Be well my friends!