Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August 14 2013

What a bust!

Seemed like I had ten thumbs, all left ones at that.

I'm not sure if my project is too advanced for me or if I choose to start at the wrong section or if it just wasn't mention for me. But I did more ripping out then actual sewing.  Others were just whipping along making lots of pretty paper piecing and then there was me. I refocused after supper and went back and did some more and did a pretty fair job of it.

I am attempting Judy Niemeyer's Feathered Star.  I won't be rushing through this, just too many pieces that need to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. I really hope I can pull it off. Mine version is a colour palette of cinnamon, greens and a luscious cranberry.  Once I have some semblance of the photo, I will post it. 

Good night!


Pumpkin said...

Oh Berta! It's just beautiful... I can't wait to see your version. Take your time and it will all come together :)

Alberta said...

Thanks Pumpkin, you are an awesome cheerleader!