Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 25,2013

Heather and JR left for home yesterday morning after an incredible 8 day visit. As soon as we walked back into the house, it seemed so quiet. That will take some getting used to again. Our nephew Kevin is arriving Wednesday morning for a brief visit before heading back out to work for another three week rotation.

Some of our tomatoes are starting to ripen.  But summer is quickly slipping into fall temperatures with some of the leaves turning colour. We picked enough purple beans for two meals and a few snacks. Kale is done, carrots are coming along. Overall it was/is an enjoyable gardening season.

A couple of months ago, while bringing in the groceries, I put a bag of potatoes down by the front door. They fell over onto the door and it pressed the hinge door stopper into the trim around the Joe removed the damaged piece, cut and reinstalled the replacement one. Joe even topped up the insulation while he was at it. Tomorrow I'll get on the task of filling the brad holes, sanding and painting.  It's not a big job but I feel good that it's underway.

Hope you have a great week!

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