Friday, August 30, 2013

August 30,2013

This photo from 1994 of my family popped up recently on FaceBook. It symbolizes how tight we were despite the distances. Mom and Dad were visiting from NB, looking to relocate. We were still stationed in Calgary and we all gathered in Medicine Hat for my youngest nephew's christening.

I still wonder if I would have done things differently had I know we would have lost Mom to cancer in 1999 and Dad to Alzheimer's in 2008.

Probably not.

This long weekend is going to be a busy one of camping and boating. We will be set up at Aaron's Mom's cottage in Red Lodge.  Right now plans are to drive the boat and motor home to Sylvan Lake for the day. We'll have the motor home for facilities,lunch and warm ups after playing in the water. Would be a nice way to wrap up the summer before the grand kids head back to school and we get back into a more regulated schedule.

Travel safe if you are planning on being on the roads this holiday weekend.

Be well!

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