Friday, August 09, 2013

August 9 2013

Good morning all.  It seems that the heat of summer is waning. Our mornings have that crisp feel that you associate with autumn. Dew is heavy in the garden and the nights cooler.  I just love all things autumn, the brilliant colours, the freshness of the air...I'm truly enjoying August in Alberta. 

Early July, just after school wrapped up, our two oldest grandsons came for their traditional week vacation at the grandparents. We love this as much as they do. Soon though it may not be the big deal to visit the old folks.  Anyways, one of the favourite activities was to walk over to the high school and shoot a few baskets.  They laughed when Nannie missed her first shot - first in 25+ years but that soon changed to awe when I started to sink them!

In mid July, along with the boys, their parents, we all trooped to Mexico for a week of heat and beaches. The four boys did a swim with the turtles. Lesley sat out with me because I do not swim. We instead did a self conducted walking tour of the entire resort and got some great photos.i can't wait until our youngest grandson gets his travel papers and can join us in the tropics!

After we returned, the six of us headed to Long Lake Provincial Park for five days of camping and boating. Those boys love the outdoors and fishing.  It didn't take much to wake them in the morning. Lesley and I walked the hiking trails - ~ 4kms - while the guys fished. 

Alex caught this beauty, his first! A pike. Sadly the others weren't quite long enough to keep so they were released.  JT was disappointed he got skunked but he was proud to have been handling his late Grandpa's net and helped Alex land his catch. 
We finally get motivated enough the stain the back fence. Don't you love Joe's boots? I did the low parts with a brush and Joe got the centre of the boards and the top edges. It took about 2 hours, start to finish and surprisingly only 1 gallon of stain. We bought two, so gifted the extra one to neighbours who admired our work. No, we didn't 'install' it for them!
I'm always sad when the garden starts to quieten down after the heat of the summer. These are a few of my lilies I picked to enjoy in the house. They don't last long but they give a great display of colour.

This weekend we travel to Red Deer to support our daughter and son in law in a Mud's part endurance part obstacle race. Hopefully we will be close enough to get some photos documenting their efforts.

Next week I do something I've never done before, go on a quilting retreat. I'll be learning the piecing technique of Judy Niemeyer. In May I selected my project and fabric and I'm so excited and yet very nervous at the same time.i hope I can keep up with the others.

This is the pattern i selected, queen size no less, in autumn colours of cinnamon, cranberry and green. I love all of Judy's patterns. You can see them at
Wish me luck!


Margaret said...

So good to see you blogging again Berta. Great pictures of your family vacation in Mexico as well as those at home.

Have a fun time cheering your daughter & SIL on during the mud run.

Love the quilt you plan to make. Have fun at the retreat.

hugs, Margaret

Alberta said...

Thanks Margaret!
I hope you are well.