Friday, March 27, 2009

Hanging in here despite...

I was on a roll with the latest quilt. DH made a lovely lunch and I got distracted and promptly stitched 16 blocks together WRONG! It was entirely my own fault for not being focused on the task, my mind was wandering.

The good news, I got them all frogged and am back at it with renewed eyes!

OT - Brian was laid off this week and has since moved back to his hometown where the cost of living is more reasonable and the economic downturn hasn't impacted jobs quite as hard as us northerners. We wish him well and he is more than welcomed to visit us when he can fit it into his busy schedule!

Kevin is back at home for his March break from school. Not sure of their thinking, but the school board has the kids out until April 5, class Monday through Thursday and then off for the Easter long weekend. I wonder how many kids will just stay away from class until Tuesday April 13.

Tonight is the debut of Alberta Ballet's presentation of Alice in Wonderland. It's such a great story, I can hardly wait to see the performance with all that fantasy settings and costumes!


Pumpkin said...

Oh no! I hope it wasn't too much to take them all back out again :o(

Have fun tonight!

Margaret said...

Hope you have an amazing time at Alice in Wonderland.

Sorry about all that frogging - love your froggie picture.

The award has now been passed on. Thank you again.

hugs, Margaret

CindyMae said...

It seems like the more I tell them frogs to go away, they come around more! Glad that you got it frogged though! Alice and Wonderland should be an awesome experience that you must tell us all about!

mumzy said...

Having put together that many blocks wrong sucks! I hate having to take anything back, so I feel for you.

Alice in Wonderland sounds wonderful.

Maren said...

Oh no! That's a lot of frogging! But at least you caught it. LOL, love the picture.