Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fingers crossed

Years ago when my darling husband was working in Europe he returned with some live concert dvds. At first I didn't appreciate them at first but I soon found that I loved them for inspiration and motivation to walk/run 1 more minute/km. Movies were too hard to follow and my pace wasn't where I wanted or needed it to be. CDs were fine but it's nice to have a visual distraction that's more appealing than a blank basement wall. 

Well about 3 months ago the dvd started to stall/skip and in general wear out. AGHHHH! WHATAMIGONNADO????? 

 I've been haunting all the online sources I could find via my search engine of choice. No luck finding the exact same one until yesterday. Popped over to eBay and there were 2 gently used copies up for grabs. One was over priced once the Euro conversion and shipping costs were calculated in. The other is available here in North America at an awesome price. So....I figured it's only a few bucks I've gambling with and if it turns out, it'll be an awesome purchase. 

Now to wait. Guess I'll pop another favorite concert in and keep company with Maurice, Robin & Barry in Las Vegas! 

Later :) 



Karen said...

Good luck finding a replacement DVD. Glad you have something to entertain you for now, while you wait.

Pumpkin said...

LOL! Glad you found something :o) I always wonder when I'm going to wear out a DVD.