Thursday, August 08, 2013

I've been a bad girl

Not posting on a regular basis. No excuses because that is what they would be, excuses.  I got caught up doing stuff instead of writing about doing stuff.

But front and centre these past couple of days are thoughts about my dear mother-in-law who has suffered some mini strokes, two of them yesterday. She's almost 80 and has been in excellent health up to this spring. Her doctors are going to be running a myriad of tests to see if there are any blockages in her neck that could be causing the strokes and to rule out blood clots etc.  We are checking into flights etc and trying to coordinate schedules.

Once I have my thoughts together - ok- that's an untruth - once I figure out how to post photos I will update SOONEST.

I Promise! :)

Be well!

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